Export Management

Outsource your International Sales and outsell the competition!

The Westex Group has 30 years of expertise in helping U.S. companies build successful sales channels overseas

Your time is extremely valuable.  Even if you had the time, international trade is a complex and risky undertaking, from navigating unknown prospects to complying with strict government export regulations to resolving international shipping challenges.  And building the right expertise in-house to manage it all effectively can be extremely costly.

That’s where Westex comes in.  We are a manufacturer’s representative offering world-class export management services.

Westex can act as your outsourced international sales department. This means that we find distributors for your products, and manage the process from start to finish.

Westex is committed to the highest level of personalized, customer care and this is at the foundation of who we are and the services that we provide.   This has been the key to our continued success.

Our comprehensive services include:

  • Market Development – Finding the best channels for you overseas
  • Marketing & Sales Promotion – Developing targeted campaigns to generate demand for your product
  • Sales Leads – Managing and Qualifying your leads
  • Trade Show Representation – Identifying key trade-shows, and representing you on-site
  • Export Management & International Shipping – Handling the entire export process: regulatory compliance, licenses, certification, customs, and shipment to the customer.

The benefits of outsourcing to your sales needs to the international trade experts at Westex are many.

They include:

  1. Increased revenues – by generating new international revenue sources, we help you grow your business.
  2. Lower sales costs – you won’t need to pay for overhead and salaries involved in employing an international sales team.
  3. Faster market penetration – our multilingual staff has collectively lived and worked in more than 50 countries – we have strong existing relationships and can build new ones quickly and effectively
  4. Eliminate legal risk – we will be sure that you are in full compliance with changing government trade regulations. 

Don’t miss out on the global marketplace!  Partner with Westex today to ensure your global reach and success. 

Please contact us to learn more.  We look forward to working with you.