About Us

Since 1983, The Westex Group, Inc. has been specializing in sourcing and procuring goods from the U.S.   The relationships and credibility Westex has built through hundreds of successful projects around the world, gives us the unique ability to offer our customers:

  • A Single Point Of Contact – Westex can reduce your workload and material costs by serving as a reliable, strategic partner and your sole point of contact in sourcing and procuring goods from the U.S.
  • Best Price. Top Quality  – With access to over 1000+ high quality U.S. brands, Westex can get you the most competitive pricing on top quality equipment and materials in the market.
  • Personalized Service – Westex takes great care in providing individually tailored service to accommodate the distinct needs of each and every customer.

As a natural extension to our work in sourcing and procurement, Westex also provides services in:

The key to our track record of excellence is our commitment to our customers.

Westex is comprised of a team of veterans in the industry with expertise in all aspects of export, warehousing, shipping and logistics that work tirelessly to get you what you need, on time and per specifications.

Every offer and every order is a promise, and we are committed to keeping our word. 

Thank you for visiting. We look forward to working together with you.